Enzo uses katanas in combat as his weapon of choice. (Read more about this skill in Swordsmanship below.)


Enzo uses a Gun-Blade, called Pontus. This weapon allows him to utilize his swordmanship and gunmanship. The weapon includes a handle, blade, and a scope for firing the gun part of his weapon.



In his human form, Enzo uses katanas as his weapon. He has displayed his highly skilled ability in using the sword numerous times. He also showed how he can place katanas in the space between his fingers and use them as claws. Enzo has shown that he can cut through solid objects such as rocks, walls and trees.

In his Drive Gear, Aros, his speed increases making his swordmanship even more remarkable. He has shown to be able to strike an opponent multiple times due to the speed boost. 

Aquatic RespirationEdit

In his human form, Enzo can breathe in both air and water. When fighting in water, Enzo gains a high advantage because his speed also increases when in the water, earning him the nickname of "Bullet Shark".


Drive GearEdit


Enzo's Drive Gear is called Aros. These are the statistics of Aros:

Skill Level
Strength 2/5
Speed 5/5
Combat 2/5
Agility 4/5


Flight 4/5
Defense 1/5

Average Rating: 3.1/5Edit


Human FormEdit

  • Slash Coalition - Enzo slashes the opponent in multiple directions repeatedly before lunging forward at a fast pace while cutting the opponent.
  • Enzo Special - Enzo unsheathes his sword, throws it in the air, catches it and then spin slashes the opponent. He then sheathes the katana, leaving afterimages of where he struck damaging the opponent.
  • Flash Breaker - Enzo raises his katana and does continuous front flips, giving the impression as if he were rolling like a wheel while slashiing his opponent. He then finishes them off with a 360 degree slash.

Drive GearEdit

  • Slash Coalition II - Enzo slashes the opponent in multiple directions repeatedly before lunging forward at a fast pace while cutting the opponent. He then repeats the move a second time.
  • Phoenix Fire - Enzo aims Pontus and fires a beam made of life-force that explodes when it touches the opponent.
  • Cross-Dimension Dance - Enzo charges his Gun-Blade with life-force. The sword is then immersed in a blue aura as he then slashes rapidly at his opponent with it. To finish, Enzo blasts his opponent one last time with his Gun-Blade causing an explosion.
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